[Aug.13, 2019] Shanghai port and Ningbo port has returned to service after Typhoon Lekima

[Aug.13, 2019] Typhoon Lekima influences hydrocarbon resin market

[Aug.12, 2019] Typhoon Lekima has left Qingdao City

[Aug.10, 2019] Shanghai port and Ningbo port were closed due to Typhoon Lekima

[Aug.10, 2019] Top Ten Cities on Export Value of Year 2018 in China

[Aug.04, 2019] C9 hydrocarbon resin and C9 rich C5/C9 copolymer resin output of China in the first half year of 2019

[Aug.04, 2019] Thermal polymerization C9 hydrocarbon resin status and tendency of Shandong, China in Q3, 2019

[Aug.04, 2019] Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin tendency in Q3, 2019

[Aug.04, 2019] Top 10 container ports of 2019 in the world

[July.27, 2019] Import and Export data for the first half year of 2019 in China

[July.20, 2019] C9 and C9 modified C5 Hydrocarbon Resin summary for first half year of 2019 and future tendency

[July.13, 2019] Adhesive use C5 hydrocarbon resin status in the first half year of 2019

[July.07, 2019] Thermal C9 resin status in June, 2019

[July.07, 2019] Will price of C5 hydrocarbon resin road marking paint grade increase? We will see

[July.07, 2019] Import and Export Inspection rate has been increased at port of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ningbo

[June.01, 2019] DCPD status in May 2019 of China

[June.01, 2019] Thermal Polymerization C9 Hydrocarbon resin status in May 2019 of China

[May.18, 2019] Shipping company Yang Ming established branch company in Indonesia on May.16, 2019

[May.11, 2019] REEHUA staffs attended country of origin new policy conference organized by Qingdao Commerce Bureau and Qingdao Customs on May.10, 2019

[May.11, 2019] Vietnam export natural rubber increases 24.5% from Jan to Apr, 2019

[May.11, 2019] Natural Rubber output value target of year 2020 is 9 billion RMB in Yunnan province, China

[May.11, 2019] Chinese import and export data of Jan to Apr 2019 was publish

[May.11, 2019] Chinese Industries total profit decreased 3.3% in Q1, 2019

[May.11, 2019] US officially increased customs duty from 10% to 25% of 200 billion USD goods from China

[May.07, 2019] Nippon Paint plans to process acquisition of Betek Group Turkey

[May.07, 2019] China C9 Hydrocarbon Resin status in Apr, 2019

[May.06, 2019] 53 rubber manufacturers have been shut down in Qingdao

[May.06, 2019] Natural Rubber exported from Cote d’Ivoire increased 14% in Q1, 2019

[May.04, 2019] Labour Day and Youth Day, May.01-04, 2019

[Apr.27, 2019] Cambodia exported 50,000MT dry rubber in Q1, 2019

[Apr.27, 2019] Two vessels accidents happened in Port Klang

[Apr.20, 2019] Jan to Feb, 2019, natural rubber output in whole world is 213 million MT, decrease about 5.8%

[Apr.20, 2019] Chinese Export datas of March, 2019

[Apr.17, 2019] Chinese Navy Military Review on Apr.23, 2019 [influence shipment at Qingdao Port]

[Apr.13, 2019] Paint industry datas of 2018 of China

[Apr.13, 2019] Natural Rubber export is facing big pressure in Vietnam

[Apr.13, 2019] Sinopec Zhenhai use China made catalyst to produce medium density polyethylene for the first time

[Apr.13, 2019] Titanium Dioxide output in March is 274,000MT in China

[Apr.12, 2019] New Policy: New established less than capacity 800,000 MT ethylene project by naphtha cracking in China will be limited

[Apr.11, 2019] Construction Paints value of sales will reach 82.4 Billion Dollars whole world in 2023

[Apr.10, 2019] 18 batches construction adhesives were inspected in Henan Province China, all meet standard

[Apr.06, 2019] Hot melt adhesive output in China will be 40% of whole world in 2023

[Apr.05, 2019] China Jiangsu Province plans to cut down the numbers of chemical factories

[Apr.01, 2019] 2019 Some C5 cracking facilities maintain schedule

[Mar.30, 2019] Chinese market of DCPD appears weak

[Mar.28, 2019] US approved to cancel the added customs tax of some goods under 29 HS Code

[Mar.27, 2019] Titanium Dioxide export from China in Feb, 2019 decreased 7.86%

[Mar.26, 2019] Paints and Adhesives with low VOCs will grow fast in China

[Mar.24, 2019] Japan decides to cancel the importing Chinese goods customs duty discounts

[Mar.23, 2019] Producing safely is much more important than everything

[Mar.09, 2019] 2019 Apr. 01 China Reduce VAT from 16% to 13%